Wade Robson Says He’s Not The ‘Authority’ On Muting Michael Jackson’s Music

Wade Robson is encouraging us all to make our own choices after the fallout from Leaving Neverland. As you know, the 36-year-old and fellow survivor James Safechuck shared shocking details of their alleged underage relationship with the late Michael Jackson in HBO‘s critically acclaimed documentary series released in early March. The doc exposed years and years of sexual assault and trauma that these men allegedly endured by the superstar, which compelled multiple radio stations around the world to abruptly stop playing the King of Pop’s music. Related: What Macaulay Culkin Testified About His Relationship With Michael Jackson… Well, TMZ caught up with Robson outside of LAX on Monday evening, where he voiced his feelings about how the world is choosing to handle his story. The dancer makes it clear that he’s “grateful” for the outpouring of love and support he’s received from friends, family, and other survivors since Leaving Neverland premiered. But while people around the world are coming to terms with the disturbing allegations made against Jackson, and what to do with their conflicting feelings on his music, Wade says that he isn’t the guy to ask about it. On whether MJ’s music should ultimately be muted, he tells the outlet: “That’s not really my concern. That’s everybody’s individual journey. If I have any hope, it’s just that we question in general who it is that we’re worshipping and why. So it’s beyond Michael.” He continues: “I don’t have any moral authority to make a judgement for everyone else on that. I don’t listen to his music cause I have a personal experience with it. But that’s everyone’s individual choice.” He’s got a point there — it is everyone’s individual choice. Though it’s worthy to note, the public has already seemingly made its decision, as evidenced by companies like Starbucks, which recently pulled the Billie Jean singer’s music from all of its playlists. As for those who’ve spoken out against Wade’s sexual assault claims, like Aaron Carter, Robson knows it will take time for people to come around to his truth: “People are going to believe whatever they want to, or whatever they’re ready to believe. I have no say in that matter.” ICYMI, the Aaron’s Party singer, who was close friends with the late entertainer recently claimed he “would punch” Robson over his alleged lies about MJ. Before heading out, Wade revealed that he’s still holding out hope his molestation suit against Jackson, which was originally dismissed in 2017, but is currently under appeal, will have a positive impact on survivors, and the future of how their stories are handled: “Hopefully. With the suit, it’s about something much bigger than me and much bigger than James. It’s about all survivors in general and the statutes, and how that’s set up. Which is in a really unfair way for survivors because of how it works psychologically. So hopefully for that reason we can, so I don’t know.” Thoughts, y’all? Share em in the comments (below)! [Image via HBO.] … Read more at perezhilton.com/wade-robson-mute-michael-jackson-music/