Gigi Hadid Claps Back At Fan On Twitter — But Did She Overreact??

Gigi Hadid is confidently standing up for herself within the face of impolite on-line criticism… or she’s needlessly lashing out at a random fan as a result of she’s insecure about how she seems in a photograph. It actually relies upon who you ask… Photos: Bella Hadid Walks Runway With 101 Fever It all began when a Twitter person going by the deal with noor LOVES zayn posted a pic of Gigi together with her cousin. Apparently the supermodel had simply gotten achieved with a seaside shoot when some followers requested for a pic. When it hit Twitter, a pair stray commenters had been lower than complimentary about how she appeared: People suppose Gigi appeared unhealthy? Did they see see the poor individual subsequent to her carrying WAY an excessive amount of black marker? / (c) TwitterTogether with the pic, “noor” posted a screenshot of what she texted in response: Shade… or shock? / (c) TwitterIs she being shady? She definitely didn’t reply with a WOW I LOVE GIGI HADID. But she additionally didn’t say something impolite… proper? Perhaps the “hope they’re having fun” denotes envy? At understanding your cousins met a celeb only one diploma away out of your Twitter deal with namesake, and also you weren’t there? Or possibly she’s certainly one of these Zayn followers who hates Gigi? And she’s giving full MEH for that purpose? That appears to be Gigi’s takeaway, as she in some way ended up seeing the submit and responding! She wrote: “Woww … this thread .. Out of context and styling from the shoot , and after wrapping shooting in the sun for 12 hours in a wig, this look wasn’t my best moment to take a pic w fans …. had that in mind when I decided to still be open and kind to your family, noor .. —” Noor, for her half, took umbrage, saying: “ma’am DID I SAY ANYTHING ABOUT YOU EVERYONES CLOWNING CALM DOWN ND” But Gigi wasn’t completed. She wrote: “it bums me out that there’s people like you who function on an intelligence level that would look beyond the nice experience I had with your sweet fam & turn that into such a negative and mean train of thought…..! 😕 your tweets don’t make me ugly gurrl , they make u –” Noor once more claimed complete innocence within the matter: “I didn’t say ANYTHING! go rant to someone else bruh omg everyone’s clowning you but you’re gonna come directly at me… alright” Plenty of folks got here to her protection, saying Gigi was snapping for no purpose. Are they proper? Did noor actually do nothing incorrect? Well, she did reply to feedback on the pic, equivalent to when somebody requested: “why does she look like that” Noor replied: “I just don’t know.” OK, that DEF appears shady. We’ll say this — on a 1-10 social media scale of horribleness, we’d give these feedback a 2. So yeah, possibly Gigi is blowing it out of proportion. Or possibly this little little bit of shade was the straw that broke the camel’s again? What do YOU suppose, Perezcious readers? Was Gigi standing up for herself? Or overreacting?? [Image via IPA/WENN.] … Read extra at