Skier Plowed By Gwyneth Paltrow Says He Was Threatened By Deer Valley Mountain Resort Employees In Crazy Crash

The man suing Gwyneth Paltrow and Deer Valley Ski resort the place the actress allegedly plowed into him whereas snowboarding in 2016, claims he was threatened by staff of the luxury resort and left face down within the snow! According to court docket paperwork obtained by completely by RadarOnline, Dr.  Terry Sanderson mentioned Gwyneth’s ski teacher, Eric Christiansen, allegedly threatened him as an alternative of calling for assist immediately through the Feb. 26, 2016 incident. SEE THE DOCUMENTS Gwyneth has filed a countersuit denying Sanderson’s claims. The resort additionally filed movement to dismiss the swimsuit, however Sanderson fired again and claims Christiansen lied on an indecent report. Sanderson mentioned the Gwyneth’s ski teacher made “aggressive movements” and verbally attacked him whereas Sanderson was semi-conscious and on the bottom, inflicting Sanderson “further severe emotional distress.” “Before Ms. Paltrow skis away, Mr. Christiansen is towering over Plaintiff berating him for something Plaintiff did not do,” wrote Sanderson’s attorneys in an affidavit. “Upon seeing Ms. Paltrow ski away, Mr. Christiansen abruptly, aggressively and inappropriately pulled Terry to a standing position and said to (Mr. Ramon) in effect, ‘Do you realize your buddy just took out Gwyneth Paltrow.’” Sanderson mentioned he sustained varied accidents, together with 4 damaged ribs and him mind damage. Sanderson added Christiansen inflicted much more accidents as a result of the ski teacher picked him up off the snow earlier than medical personnel have been capable of assess how badly he was injured. “The NIED claim against Deer Valley begins with Plaintiff lying prone, injured, waking form a concussion and easing for air with 4 broken ribs,” Sanderson’s attorneys wrote within the doc. “Nearby was Mr. Christiansen, the Deer Valley ski instructor for Ms. Paltrow who did not see the collision but wrongfully assumed it was caused by Plaintiff. Mr. Christiansen skies aggressively and directly toward Plaintiff making false accusations against Plaintiff, screaming ‘What did you do, what did you do!’” … Read extra at