Death & Love Child Scandal: Chelsea Handler Reveals Tragic Family Secrets In New Book

Chelsea Handler laughs for a residing – however can completely report that the comic endured a tragic childhood involving sudden deaths and a mysterious love baby. In Life Will Be the Death of Me:…and You Too!, out April 9, Handler, 44, opened up concerning the first tragic heartbreak she endured at age of 9. Her older brother, Chet, died in a mountain climbing accident in Wyoming. “From that day onward, if I saw my mother crying or heard my parents groaning in anguish in their bedroom in the early hours of the morning, I would leave the house and cry,” she wrote. The comic added that, at a younger age, she would by no means cry in entrance of anybody else “or show any weakness.” The dying of her older brother additionally precipitated Handler’s mother and father to be “unreliable,” she mentioned. In flip, she grew to become a rebellious pupil. “I tried to get attention in other ways at school – however I could – which resulted in me constantly having to stay after school and sit in detention,” she wrote. In the memoir, Handler mentioned she sought remedy at age of 42 to start unraveling her childhood trauma. There, she realized that she suffered male rejection at a younger age by each her father and deceased brother. “Yeah, that’s a lot of male rejection before I even got my period,” Handler mentioned she joked to her therapist. Years later, Handler realized a stunning household secret involving her father. Before her mother and father had been married, her dad allegedly had a secret baby with one other lady! Handler mentioned a person named Anthony contacted her sister, Shana, with questions on their father. “His story was that my dad got his mother pregnant right before my father met my mother, and that when said woman came to tell my father she was pregnant, my dad told her he was getting married and to back off,” Handler wrote. Handler admitted {that a} picture of Anthony revealed that the out-of-wedlock baby “looked more like my father than any of us.” Also within the tell-all, Radar reported that the humorous lady admitted she simply “severs” friendships. As Radar readers know, Handler and Jennifer Aniston had been locked in a years-long feud earlier than just lately reconciling. In 2014, Handler left the E! community to movie her personal program on Netflix. Her Netflix program was in jeopardy, nevertheless, amid her feud with Aniston. In the memoir, Handler revealed that she had taken 2018 off from comedy to get extra concerned with politics and work on herself in remedy. She referred to 2018 as “the year I had to fall apart in order to come back together.” … Read extra at