Darcy Denied! Jean Claude van Damme’s Ex-Wife LaPier Slammed By Bankruptcy Trustee

Jean Claude van Damme’s ex-wife has gotten a significant smackdown, as she tries to file for Chapter 7 chapter safety, based on paperwork completely obtained by RadarOnline.com. Darcy LaPier claims she is destitute and can’t pay her collectors, however in a brutal rebuttal, Chapter 7 Trustee Marie E. Henkel slammed LaPier’s claims, calling them a “dishonest” try and “hinder, delay, and defraud her creditors.” SEE THE SHOCKING COURT DOCUMENTS “The Debtor invites this Court to step into a land where fiction rules over fact, feigned or intentional ignorance of financial affairs is rewarded, and a deliberate failure to retain documentation of financial transactions is not cause for concern,” Henkel wrote in her rebuttal. Lapier has been accused of fraudulently concealing belongings by the trustee after failing to reveal nearly $500,000 in money transfers from her ex-husband Ron Rice. Meanwhile, she flaunted a lavish way of life on actuality program Rodeo Girls. According to the criticism: “The Debtor would have this Court believe, among other things”: -“That multiple millions of dollars of assets simply vanished. -That expensive goods were received as gifts from friends whose names have been forgotten. -That the transfer of the Debtors’ home and purportedly all of the assets within it to an insider at a time she was clearly insolvent was not fraudulent. -That she is unable to obtain bank statements for certain bank accounts even though she produced bank statements for other accounts at the same bank -That monthly deposits in amounts ranging from $20,000 to $50,000 (or more) from her ex-husband Ronald J. Rice made for her benefit, are neither income nor deposits in which she has an interest.” While being unable to account for her spending, LaPier has, based on the criticism, continued to spend untold quantities of cash. “In a further affront to her creditors, over the last ten years, the Debtor… has spent millions of dollars on travel expenses and purchasing, maintaining, and training horses so that she can compete in rodeos throughout the country from which she has earned only a few thousand dollars.” The criticism argues that LaPier selected to spend her cash frivolously on an costly interest, even whereas owing tens of tens of millions of {dollars} to her collectors. According to the response, LaPier has been capable of defraud her collectors and conceal her belongings for over a decade. “Her actions since 2008 have been calculated to deceive,” the papers state. “The Debtor is not an ‘honest but unfortunate debtor,’ (rather) she is a person who is focused on continuing her decadent lifestyle at the expense of her creditors and without regard for the integrity of this Court. The Debtor does not deserve a discharge.” … Read extra at radaronline.com/exclusives/2019/04/jean-clause-van-damme-ex-darcy-lapier-denied-bankruptcy/