Charles Manson Family Killer Leslie Van Houten Denied Parole By Gov

Charles Manson family killer Leslie Van Houten was denied parole by California Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday, June 3.

Serving a life sentence for the brutal Helter Skelter killings in the summer of 1969, a parole board recommended Van Houten, 69, for parole in early 2019, citing her age and rehabilitation behind bars.

She was just 17 when she took part in the heinous LaBianca murders the night after Sharon Tate and four others were brutally slaughtered in Beverly Hills, terrifying the nation as Manson led his cult members to the killings.

“While I commend Ms. Van Houten for her efforts at rehabilitation and acknowledge her youth at the time of the crimes, I am concerned about her role in these killings and her potential for future violence,” Governor Newsom wrote in his decision to overrule the California Parole Board’s decision to recommend her…