JWoww Does Boyfriend Makeup Challenge on Zack Carpinello: Video

Zack Clayton Carpinello is a good sport! For Jenni “JWoww” Farley’s latest YouTube video, the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star gave her boyfriend a “face full of glam” as she subjected him to the boyfriend makeup challenge.

Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley, Boyfriend Zack Carpinello, Husband Roger Mathews Celebrate Daughter’s Birthday: Photos

“You have no idea what I’m about to do,” Farley, 33, says in the video as she assembles her makeup products. “I’m doing full makeup. Like, eye shadow, mascara, I got red lips…”

Zack Carpinello and Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley

Carpinello quips: “Do I get your eyelashes? That’s your full get-up, so…”

Close to the end of the 13-minute clip, Carpinello finally gets to see his glammed-up visage. “Holy s–t,” he says, examining himself in a mirror.

“I feel like I did a decent job,…

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