Desmond Howard Apologizes For ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Line on ESPN

Desmond Howard learned a new rule in 2019 — you can’t quote Dave Chappelle as much as we used to … especially on a Disney-owned network, at a Disney-owned park.

The former Heisman winner and NFL kick returner — who’s since become a TV analyst — was on ESPN Saturday talkin’ college football with Rece Davis and other broadcasters … when he invoked a line from an old “Chappelle’s Show” skit that caught immediate backlash.

The line — in response to Rece asking if his alma mater, University of Michigan, could beat Ohio State — went like this … “Is Desmond Howard gonna have to choke a bitch?”

Funny, right? WRONG!!! At least that’s what a ton of people watching had to say about it soon after. And, apparently, the ESPN honchos thought so too … ’cause Des apologized.

Guys, guys, guys….