Will Kanye West Have Church Service In Ohio

Kanye West looks like he’s heard the call to hold his famed church service in another state besides California.

Kim Kardashian‘s rapper husband is in Dayton, Ohio this weekend and rumors are flying that he might host his Sunday Service in the city.

Nine people were killed in Dayton during a recent mass shooting, allegedly by Connor Betts.

Now Kanye’s comedian friend Dave Chappelle is hosting a free Sunday show to honor the victims.

According to a website, Kanye was already in Dayton on Friday, August 23, and appeared to be scouting a location for a special Sunday service in which he could bring in his choir.

Celebrities have flocked to Yeezy’s Sunday service in Los Angeles for months.

RadarOnline.com exclusively revealed that Kanye is so eager to spread the word of God to his friends and fans that he is in the process of creating a reality show based…

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