Celeb Jewelry Hot Spot Avianne and Co. Gets Robbed, Employees Tied Up


Your favorite rapper’s go-to spot for the freshest bling in NYC is probably gonna be closed for a sec … ’cause the place got held up at gunpoint in the middle of the day.

The robbery went down Sunday afternoon at Avianne and Co. in Midtown Manhattan, when at least three guys who were posing as customers whipped out handguns and cleaned the place out. And, by cleaning ’em out, we mean making off with tons of high-valued goods.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the robbers bounded the employees with zip ties and then emptied out a safe and cleared out a good amount of their display cases. It’s unclear how many jewelry pieces (or how much cash) they left with, but safe to say … it’s worth a lot.

Rappers like Blueface,…

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