Here’s The Trailer For Netflix’s Much-Anticipated ‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’

Get ready for more Breaking Bad, y’all!

Everyone’s favorite New Mexico-based drug saga is getting the treatment it deserves from Netflix this year, and the future looks bright! The trailer for the streaming service’s new flick El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie just dropped, and you can watch it (above) to get a better idea of what’s ahead!

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The biggest news we have from the trailer (above) is a release date: Netflix will start streaming it on October 11. Not long now!!! And plenty to look forward to in the next six weeks!!!

As expected from previous reporting about the upcoming movie, El Camino centers on the post-series life of Jesse Pinkman. The trailer itself opens with a scene showing tweaker-head Skinny Pete getting grilled by authorities over where the hell Pinkman may be…