Kendall Long’s New Podcast Asks Are You ‘Down To Date’?

Can two strangers fall in love on a podcast?

That’s the premise behind “Down to Date”, an exciting new podcast from Bachelor in Paradise’s Kendall Long that invites two complete strangers on a first date inside a recording studio.

“We have bars and apps for dating, so why not do it on a podcast?” Long asks on a preview for the upcoming audio show.

Potential couples are challenged to summarize their life stories in one minute, debate each other on ridiculous topics such as, “Is a hotdog a sandwich?” and answer questions you’re positively never supposed to ask on a first date, like “Is it justifiable to murder a murderer?”

“Very lighthearted, your very typical first date conversation,” Long joked.

Fans know Long, 28, was a contestant on the 22nd season of The Bachelor, where she was eliminated in week 9. She returned for the 5th…