Michael Jackson Estate Agrees with Chappelle, Accusers Are ‘Damn Liars’

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3:02 PM PTJohn Branca, the co-executor of the Michael Jackson Estate, tells us, “We agree with Dave Chappelle – these guys are damn liars. After years of exploiting Michael’s generosity, they waited until he was gone and unable to defend himself before accusing him. They did this in secrecy. They did not do any independent investigation.”

He continues, “They did not verify the stories. They didn’t talk to anyone because they did not want another side. This isn’t R. Kelly – there are no videos. This isn’t Harvey Weinstein, there aren’t multiple accusers.”

Finally, Branca says, “They interviewed only two guys out of the thousands who visited Neverland – oh, and surprise surprise – they are the only two with…

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