Judge Mathis Allegedly Spit in Valet’s Face



Judge Mathis might have to go in front of a judge himself because he allegedly lost it on a valet and spit on him … and TMZ’s learned the guy’s lawyered up.

Sources connected to the valet tell TMZ … the TV judge valet parked his Rolls Friday at Flood’s Bar and Grille in Detroit, but when he left the joint … things got hot quickly.

We’re told a valet had Mathis’ keys in his pocket and was out on a run to retrieve another car, and was gone 10-15 minutes. Our sources say when his client finally returned, JM chewed the guy out in a profanity-laced schooling … in front of coworkers and customers.

Mathis allegedly became even angrier when the valet explained he had to travel a long way to get the other car and apologized for…

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