News Anchor Apologizes For Comparing Black Coworker To A Gorilla – His Response Is Flawless!

Props to news anchor Jason Hackett for making a teachable moment out of his co-anchor’s ridiculously offensive joke.

The anchor for the morning news show at Oklahoma’s KOCO5 sat down with his colleague Alex Housden as she delivered a tearful, self-pitying monologue about how sorry she was for comparing Hackett to a gorilla during a news segment the previous day.

The remark came on Tuesday when the anchors were reporting on a story about Fin, a baby western lowland gorilla at a local zoo who went viral for recording selfie videos. 

As the broadcast cut to the traffic report, Housden made a final comment to Hackett, who is black, saying: 

“Kind of looks like you when you take a picture.” 

Hackett paused before adding: 

“Yeah it does, actually, yeah. Very close to the camera.”

Naturally, the comment sparked a wave of outrage from viewers who called into the…