Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Boat Crash: Images Of Victims Revealed

Images of the two people who were killed in the horrific boat crash involving Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary have been released.

As reported, a Canada woman and a Florida man were pronounced dead after being injured in the collision which occurred Saturday, August 24. At the time, Kevin’s wife, Linda O’Leary, was driving the couple’s boat along Lake Joseph in Ontario, Canada, when they accidentally hit a larger vessel and hit various people on board.

Gary Poltash, 64, was hit on the head by the O’Learys’s boat while at the bow and died instantly at the scene.

According to his brother Larry, Poltash’s adult son and daughter will travel to Canada in the coming days to learn more about his death and get closure.

Local woman Suzana Brito, 48, was also brutally hurt in the collision and left with severe brain damage. The mother of…