Another Brock Turner?! Judge Releases College Student Accused Of Sexual Assault Because He’s ‘High-Achieving’

Well, it looks like the old “but what about his future” sexual assault defense is still going strong.

On August 29, a University of Florida resident assistant named Ian Milaski was arrested after a female student accused him of holding her down against her will in his room.

[Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault Details]

The unnamed sophomore told police that on August 25 Milaski called her up drunk, and she helped him back to his room. She says he kept trying to make out with her, but she refused his advances. In his room, she claims, he grabbed her wrists and kept her from leaving, telling her:

“I want to sleep with you.”

She claims he picked her up and pinned her to the bed where he tried to “finger her” through her underwear before she escaped to her own dorm room but woke up later to find Milaski climbing into her bed.

Also in her claim is her friend, who…