Ashton Kutcher Broke His Toe Parenting & Mila Kunis Has Never Found Him Sexier!

Ashton Kutcher would give his big toe to protect his daughter — and he basically did just that!

The Ranch star stopped by Tuesday’s episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan, where he revealed he recently broke his toe thanks to a late night parenting incident involving his daughter, Wyatt.

As the 41-year-old explained to Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, he and wife Mila Kunis are currently trying to get their 4-year-old to sleep in her own room. He shared: 

“I was in bed and our daughter comes into the room to, like, jump in bed with us… and Mila and Wyatt were having a little bit of a spat that day… And so she comes into our room and sometimes I just, like, scoop her up and put her in bed, sometimes I take her back. I’m supposed to take her back, but I like scooping her up because it’s so sweet.”

On this fateful night, Kutch knew he had to put his foot…