Viacom Sued Over Drunk Driving Death at ‘Lights Out with David Spade’ Premiere Party


The company that owns Comedy Central, which produces David Spade‘s new late-night show, is being sued after one of the staffers allegedly left the launch party drunk, and killed a pedestrian.

Here’s what happened, according to a new lawsuit. Viacom was hosting the party at Nightingale Plaza nightclub in WeHo back in August, celebrating the premiere of “Lights out with David Spade.”

The suit claims Jacob Gralitzer, who worked on the show, got drunk at the party and no one stopped him from driving. The suit characterizes Gralitzer as “severely intoxicated.” It says he got drunk “with the permission and knowledge of one or more of his supervisors at Viacom.”

According to the lawsuit, Gralitzer went to the valet, provided by Viacom, and the valet gave him the…