Chris Cornell’s Widow Hits Back At Ex-Wife’s Lawsuit – And At Her Daughter!

So much for resting in peace…

Chris Cornell‘s fight may be over, but the legal battle over his money is raging stronger than ever.

It’s been two years since the Soundgarden frontman died by suicide, and in that time his ex-wife Susan Silver (above, right) has been pushing for what she says is her and their daughter’s share of his estate.

The couple’s marriage had been officially over since 2004; even their very public, messy legal fights seemed to be settled by 2008. However, the two shared a daughter, Lillian Jean, and that is forever.

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This week Susan, who had been Soundgarden’s manager for years, claimed in a new lawsuit the Cornell Estate was no longer keeping up the child support payments Chris had promised.

She pointed out Lily Jean was in college and that her father…