Kendall Jenner Orders Lots of Sushi From This Popular Eatery With Postmates

It looks like Kendall Jenner always has sushi on her mind.

In a new blog post from PostmatesThe Receipt, they revealed that the 23-year-old model has spent over $10,000 on items throughout the world using their app and a lot of that was sushi!

“Since 2015, Kendall has placed orders in 14 different cities with 95 businesses. Her smallest order was a $4.56 bottle of nail polish remover from CVS Pharmacy, and the largest was a $588.77 order from Matsuhisa,” the blog writes.

In fact, five of Kendall‘s other sushi purchases from the eatery were her most expensive.

The grand total of orders? Kendall has placed 153 orders and ordered a grand total of 433 items.

Kendall‘s sis, Kylie, also spends a lot of money through Postmates, too.