Meghan Markle Pays Fashion Tribute To Princess Diana At Charity Capsule Collection Launch!

Meghan Markle is back — and she’s used her time out of the spotlight to find the perfect marriage of her flair for fashion and her favorite charitable cause, helping women achieve equality.

Oh, and along the way she paid tribute to hubby Prince Harry‘s late mother as well.

How did the Duchess of Sussex accomplish all this in a single morning? She launched a capsule collection she’s calling The Smart Set!

See, Meghan is a royal patron of Smart Works, a charity service which aims to help unemployed women get jobs by making sure they look and feel their best. Women who have job interviews coming up meet with volunteer stylists who help them pick the perfect outfit — and they get to keep the designer clothes for free!

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It’s a very practical charity, but they’re always in need of new stylish…