Lilly Singh Apologizes For Controversial Turban Comment on Talk Show

Lilly Singh is apologizing for a controversial comment she made on a recent episode of her show A Little Late With Lilly.

The 30-year-old YouTuber and talk show host made a comment about turbans she called “disrespectful and problematic” during an interview with Jessica Alba.

In the interview, Jessica explained that her daughters were big fans of Lilly but were embarrassed that they met her while wearing Turbie Twist towels to dry their hair.

“They wear the towels, the turbo twists, so they like look super not cool in the turbo twists but it dries their hair really quickly, so it’s very practical. I think they definitely had the Turbie Twists on when they said hi,” Jessica said.

In response, Lilly said, “They look like my Punjabi friends. It’s fine!”

Her comments were met with much criticism, leading Lilly to post a heartfelt apology. …