Miranda Kerr’s CRAY ‘Wellness’ Routine Is Getting The Wrong Kind Of Attention!

OK, Miranda Kerr is obviously an extremely fit, healthy person.

But some of her wellness methods have captured the Internet’s attention for being a little… well, BANANAS.

And no, we don’t mean they’re rich in potassium.

Way back in May the supermodel gave an interview all about her healthy beauty products line KORA.

She talked all about how she mostly uses those products because they’re healthier and how she grew up learning about the superiority of going organic.

Then she was asked about other “wellness” products and measures she and her family took. Her answer was staggering:

“We have a lot. We have the air purifier. We have the stickers you put on the back of your phone for radiation. I have the EMF detector that picks up the waves in the air. I’ve had the whole house checked by a professional who looks for things like EMF waves and things like…

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