Stars You Didn’t Know Were Related

Hillary Clinton and Madonna, and Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are just some Hollywood stars who are related — find out their connections and more!

Mike Colter and Viola Davis

The Evil actor and the How to Get Away With Murder star are second cousins and were born in the same town, he revealed on The Talk in September 2019. However, they didn’t meet until April 2019. “Honestly, we had never met but our families have family reunions, and they talk about us and stuff. They are very proud of us! We’re just very busy,” he said at the time. “In L.A., you could be right next to someone, in the same neighborhood, you’re never home. You’re filming somewhere, they’re busy, life happens. And we just never got caught up…. I figured we would just work it out, and we connected, and we just made it happen. Took us about a…