Tyler Perry Explains Choice to Open Studio in Atlanta Amid Abortion Ban

Tyler Perry is choosing to stay in Atlanta while many film productions are leaving the city amid the state’s abortion ban.

The 50-year-old actor and filmmaker is set to open a massive new studio in Atlanta despite Hollywood’s backlash against the law, which bans abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

“Atlanta has been the dream. It has been the promised land. So when I got here, this whole state and city has been amazing to me and I wouldn’t trade that for anything,” Tyler told the Associated Press (via THR).

He continued, “Also, I put $250 million in the ground here and in the studio. So when you have a quarter of a billion dollars sat down in the ground, you can’t just up and leave.”

He added that those now working in Atlanta’s film industry will hopefully influence the vote in the future.

“What I know about this industry is…

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