Bagel Guy Chris Morgan Pulls Out Celebrity Fight with Dustin Diamond

TMZ/Getty Composite

Looks like the Bagel Guy pulled a fast one on folks hoping he’d get in the ring with Dustin Diamond — aka Screech — ’cause he just announced he’s not fighting the guy.

Chris Morgan took to Twitter Saturday night to laugh in fans’ faces as he pulled out of th celeb boxing event in Jersey that he and others had been hyping up for weeks now. In a bizarre video he posted, Chris says … “I fooled you all! I ain’t coming to the fight!”

He went on to say that the best way to NOT get hit is to not be there, and then continued to mock everyone who paid to see him duke it out with Screech.

Chris didn’t make it immediately clear why he canceled last-minute, but in two videos he’d gone live with prior to the boxing match — in which he’s sitting alone in his car…