Britney Spears Is ‘Taking This Transition In My Life To Focus On What I Really Want’

Slowly but surely, it seems like Britney Spears is getting back on track!

At least, that’s what she wants her fans to know with a new special message as part of a Friday night throwback Instagram post that included old pictures of her performing for a crowd! And judging by how upbeat and optimistic she sounded there, we can only hope she’s well on the way to a renaissance!

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As you can see in the post itself, Brit is clearly itching to get back to performing at some point again as she transitions through a tough time period in her life. She shared this set of pics and a special message to fans, accounting for all that and sounding quite upbeat (below):

Nice! What a flashback, indeed!

And along with the post, the popular pop princess also shared a special message for her adoring fans and followers in the…