Debbie Harry Talks About Plastic Surgery

Debbie Harry was the blonde bombshell of New Wave rock but she’s admitted to having had plastic surgery. Now the Blondie frontwoman, 74, has revealed more about maintaining her looks via a new memoir. As The Sunday Times has reported, Harry, who has previously claimed she had a facelift for “business reasons” has written in her book called Face It that the aging process had been “hard” on her appearance. “I have never hidden the fact that I’ve had plastic surgery. I think it’s the same as having a flu shot basically, another way of looking after yourself. If it makes you feel better and look better and work better, that’s what it’s all about,” Harry noted.

The “Heart of Glass” singer dyed her hair to resemble Marilyn Monroe and has written, “Getting older is hard on your looks. Like everybody else, I have good days, bad days and…