All The CRAZY Things We Learned From Kim Kardashian’s ‘E! True Hollywood Story’!

Kim Kardashian West‘s rise to stardom has had its fair share of ups and downs.

On Monday on YouTube, E! True Hollywood Story released its latest episode about the KUWTK star, and it spills some serious tea about her past.

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From her father, Robert Kardashian, representing O.J. Simpson in his 1994 murder trial, to her friendship with socialite Paris Hilton, Kanye West‘s wife has plenty of stories to tell about her life.

Here are the highlights:

The O.J. Simpson Trial

When Kim’s dad worked on O.J.’s legal team, it created a great deal of conflict for the Kardashian family — as the football player was accused of murdering Kris Jenner‘s friend, Nicole Brown Simpson. In fact, she says it was “the first time my family really got divided.”

She remembers:

“One day my dad took me and…