Marvel Sued for Ripping Off Old ‘X-Men’ Theme Song from Hungarian Show



You know Marvel’s “X-Men” as defenders of justice, but a TV show — in Hungary of all places — claims Wolverine and co. are guilty of stealing the theme song to their hit cartoon.

A guy named Zoltan Krisko is suing every media giant you can imagine — Marvel, Disney, FOX, Apple, Amazon and more — claiming the TV execs behind the animated series from the ’90s jacked the intro music from an even older show … called “Linda.”

Bear with us … “Linda” aired in Hungary from 1984 to 1991, and according to a lawsuit filed by Krisko it was a hit cop comedy/thriller. Hey, genres are different over there.

Anyway, Krisko says he manages the estate of a Hungarian composer named Gyorgy Vukan, who created and…