Jennifer Aniston Did NOT Like Paul Rudd On ‘Friends’!

Everyone loves Paul Rudd. He’s just the most affable guy on the planet, right? We mean, is anyone immune to his charms??

Well, apparently so.

It seems one person who wasn’t buying the Ant-Man and the Wasp star’s schtick, at least in the early days, was Jennifer Aniston!

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From the way he tells it, during their days filming Friends, Rachel was NOT a Paul Rudd fan at all!

During an interview on The Graham Norton Show on Friday, Paul took a break from promoting his weird Netflix doppelgänger show Living With Yourself to talk about the good ol’ days on the beloved sitcom.

As fellow guest Robert De Niro‘s former assistant could tell you, Rudd joined the sitcom toward the very end as Phoebe’s BF and eventual husband Mike. That resulted in a strange moment for the actor, being a part…