Felicity Huffman Reports To ‘Club Fed’ Luxury Prison Facility!

Felicity Huffman has begun her prison sentence.

After pleading guilty to mail fraud (a criminal charge which doesn’t adequately describe the fact she bribed a test proctor $15,000 to redo her daughter’s SAT test), she became the first parent to be sentenced to prison in the infamous college admissions scandal.

Prosecutors wanted a month in prison, her defense team asked for zero time at all; the judge ultimately compromised with a sentence of 14 days.

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Some saw the two-week term — which also comes with a fine of $30,000, a year of supervised release, and 250 hours of community service — as too harsh a sentence. Others saw it as a slap on the wrist considering how much time a lot of poor, non-famous people end up serving for non-violent crimes. (For instance, the mother who was sentenced to…

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