Gina Rodriguez Returns To Instagram Weeks After N-Word Controversy – & Turns Her Comments OFF!

Gina Rodriguez is back on the ‘Gram without a care in the world weeks after her n-word controversy.

As we reported, the Jane The Virgin star got heat last month for sharing a video of herself saying the hurtful word while singing along to The Fugees’ 1996 song Ready Or Not.

The star issued multiple Insta-pologies after critics lampooned her for the broadcast. Soon, her social media went dark altogether — until now!

On Thursday, G-Rod resurfaced on Instagram by sharing a pic of herself and husband Joe Lociero on a nature walk somewhere in Oregon. The actress was all smiles in the pic, probably because she made sure to turn off the comments. (Sry, critics!)

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She did, however, leave her fans a message in the caption, writing:

“Love from Oregon”

Hopefully Gina’s been doing a lot of reflecting on this…