Frenemies? Corey Feldman Trash Talks Aaron Carter In Epic Burn

Too cruel!

Corey Feldman trash talks Aaron Carter in an epic burn in an exclusive clip from ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition’ obtained by

The guys went after each other on the reality show, clashing over their pasts and their traumatic childhoods growing up in the spotlight.

But they put aside darker times to trash talk each other in a particularly gruesome challenge on the reality show – digging through live insects to win a game!

“I hate bugs more than I hate snakes actually,” Carter, pre-face tattoo, admits. “I’d rather be bitten by a snake than touch a bug.”

As he screams his way through the challenge where he was forced to reach into a huge tunnel of bugs, Feldman teased his buddy.

“Aaron acted like a little bi**h,” the Goonies star said about the former teen pop sensation.

Feldman’s wife, Courtney, made fun…