Katie Couric Discusses Matt Lauer’s Growing Sexual Allegations

Katie Couric says disgraced former co-host Matt Lauer turned out to be “two very different people,” when reminiscing about the one-time top news anchor now battling a litany of sexual assault allegations.

“As you can imagine, I’ve thought a lot about this over the last two years because it has been, to use the phrase that many have used, a reckoning,” Couric told a packed house at the “Dress for Success” annual Women Who Inspire breakfast in New York City earlier this week.

“It’s been painful for me on many levels, especially when it comes to understanding what was going on with Matt, who I think ultimately turned out to be two very different people, in terms of my relationship with him versus some of the other things that were going on.”

As RadarOnline.com has reported, Lauer, 61, has admitted to a plethora of extramarital affairs,…

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