Earl Bathurst’s Late Stepmother Left Him Out Of Will

Earl Bathurst has only been left with memories of his late stepmother as he was excluded from her will, the Daily Mail reported.

The Anglo American has no rights to her $42 million fortune, but a pair of interior decorators does.

Prior to the death of Gloria, Dowager Countess Bathurst last Christmas, the 90-year-old bestowed her 15,000 acre estate to designers Grant White and Geoffrey Bradfield, but to the Lord, she left nothing.

Countess and Earl have long had tension between them.

When the Countess waived her citizenship to avoid paying taxes, Earl disapproved of her actions, blaming it on a  “lack of standards.”

Following the death of his father, he inherited the house and title, but Gloria tried to seek “use and enjoyment” of family portraits and antiques. Her efforts were unsuccessful.

Lord Bathurst also expressed his feelings towards…

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