Broadway Star Laurel Griggs Dead at 13 From Massive Asthma Attack

11:12 AM PT — 13-year-old actress Laurel Griggs appears to have died from an asthma attack, according to purported members of her family who posted about it on Facebook.

David Rivlin, who claims to be Laurel’s grandfather, said she suffered a “massive asthma attack” that ultimately took her life. He wrote, “It’s with heavy heart that I have to share some very sad news. My beautiful and talented granddaughter, Laurel Griggs, has passed away suddenly from a massive asthma attack.” He added, “Mount Sinai was valiant in trying to save her but now she’s with the angels.”

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Post.

David went on to say that a celebration of life ceremony was set to take place Sunday — this following a funeral service that happened just last Friday. The Rivlin family…