Leah Messer Recruiting Fans To Self-Help Group Accused Of Being A Cult

Leah Messer tried recruiting celebrities to Mastery in Transformational Training – and now she’s attempting to get her fans on board. The Teen Mom 2 star is turning to Instagram to recruit followers to the self-help organization once accused of being a cult.

On Sunday, December 1, Messer, 27, posted a swipe up on her Instagram Story linking to MITT’s homepage.

She then went on Instagram live with another member of the group.

“I joined back in August,” she explained. “It feels like I’ve known everyone since forever. We wanted to hop on here to talk about our journey and experience throughout this training. I wanted Victor to join us and talk about his experience and journey.”

Messer then handed the live over to Victor, who explained how the Los Angeles training center offers courses in “emotional intelligence and leadership.”


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