Robert and Anny’s Boxing Coach Has Thirsty Fans

The thirst is real. The latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé was full of drama, but fans were too busy falling for an unlikely supporting character to care.

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During the December 1 episode of the TLC series, Robert and Anny continued fighting over the fact that Robert hadn’t deleted all of his photos with his exes from social media. The couple decided to try and diffuse the tension at a nearby boxing gym, where they met their trainer Miguel Alejandro Cruz. The handsome instructor instantly became the talk of the episode.

“Where can we find Miguel, the boxer?!” one fan tweeted, including a screenshot of the boxing coach from the episode. “Asking for a friend. I am the friend. 😍 #90DayFiance.”

Where can we find Miguel, the boxer?! Asking for a friend. I am the friend. 😍