'The Incredible Hulk' Actor Lou Ferrigno Becoming Sheriff's Deputy in New Mexico

Lou Ferrigno has a new job!

The 68-year-old The Incredible Hulk actor has announced that he will soon begin working as the sheriff’s deputy for the San Luis Obispo County sheriff’s department in New Mexico.

“This is the real thing because I’ve played sheriff over the years in different films,” Lou shared on his website. “I’ve done over 40 films. This, I take very seriously and I’m very excited, very proud to be a deputy because my whole life I’ve always wanted to be a sheriff.”

Lou also revealed that he has dedicated 20 hours a month to the SLO County’s sheriff’s office since 2012. He previously served as a reserve deputy in California and as a volunteer for the Arizona sheriff’s department.

“People assume it’s just an honorary thing,” Lou continued. “It isn’t, because I’m certified and I have police powers which I’m very…

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