Russell Simmons’ Rape Accusers Recount Alleged Experiences: ‘I Screamed And Fought… That’s Rape’

Three of the women speaking out about their alleged experiences with Russell Simmons want to be clear when they claim: he raped them.

In an interview with CBS This Morning, Drew Dixon, Sil Lai Abrams, and Alexia Norton Jones opened up to network correspondent Michelle Miller about the hip-hop mogul; each woman alleged he forced himself on them without their consent.

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Jones (above, insert) described his behavior as “penetral rape,” to which Dixon added:

“This is violently tackled and raped — while saying no and fighting and crying.”

Dixon went on to recall the alleged encounter with Simmons she says occurred 25 years ago. She shared:

“I literally worked for him. He was ordering me a car, and he told me to come upstairs and pick up a demo. I thought I would be in his apartment for five total…