Here’s How Harvey Weinstein’s Defense Lawyers Are Trying to Undermine Accusers’ Credibility

Harvey Weinstein‘s defense lawyers are claiming that his accusers “bragged” about having affairs with him.

The 67-year-old disgraced producer left with his attorney Donna Rotunno at New York City Criminal Court on Tuesday (January 21) in New York City, a day before opening arguments in his rape trial.

Defense lawyer Damon Cheronis said that Harvey‘s team will use dozens of “loving emails” to attempt to suggest that the sexual incidents were consensual, The New York Times reports.

“What we will be able to show is that witnesses who claim Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted them also bragged about being involved in sexual relations with him,” Damon said. “They bragged about these things he allegedly forced them to do.”

The lead prosecutor, Joan Illuzzi, called this claim “blatantly inaccurate.”

Harvey Weinstein has pleaded not guilty…