Jerry O’Connell Reveals Which ‘Real Housewives’ Couple He & Rebecca Romijn Role-Play As!

No one finds the Bravo-verse more exciting than Jerry O’Connell!

The 45-year-old actor spilled some very intimate tea about his and wife Rebecca Romijn’s bedroom activities on Monday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live when a caller asked if they had ever role-played as a Bravo couple.

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What started out as a very subtle answer turned into a full-on, passionate monologue from the Stand By Me star as a certain Real Housewives personality. He said:

“I don’t want to name any names. I don’t want to put anybody on blast. But let’s just say I like to play a husband who’s maybe been deported and comes back—maybe just for a quick…visit. You know, what I’m talking about, Tre? We only got a couple of minutes before ICE is in here. Come on, let’s do this. That’s what I like to…