Pack Of Furries Rescue Domestic Violence Victim By Beating Up Her Attacker – Watch!

Furries to the rescue!

A pack of attendees who had just left the annual FurCon convention in San Jose on Friday pounced on and subdued a man they say was assaulting a female victim in his car.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the event at the convention center had just ended when furry Kin Z. Shiratsuki turned the corner and heard a woman screaming in what turned out to be a domestic violence attack.

He told the news station:

“This guy was just walloping a lady. He had to have hit her 10 times.”

Kin immediately jumped into action: he and his fellow furries opened the car door, pulled the man off the victim and out of the vehicle — and he was able to do so with ease, thanks to years of training.

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He explained:

“I’ve had my whole life, a bunch of taekwondo and karate. I was able to grab him by…