John F. Kennedy Jr.’s Life Was Turbulent Before His Death

We’ll never know who he could have been.

Episode 3 of the “Fatal Voyage: John F. Kennedy Jr. Case Solved” podcast takes a closer look at who John F. Kennedy Jr. was becoming before he suddenly died in a plane crash in 1999 — and how turmoil in his personal life may have impacted decisions he made that fateful night.

“He always lived his life with grace and style, and he was the type of person I think we, even now, could remember because he lived above politics, [and was] loved by all people, and there are so few like that anymore,” John Koerner, author of Exploding the Truth: The JFK Assassination, says on the podcast.

“Make no mistake, in the ’80s and ’90s, JFK Jr. was a huge celebrity,” reporter Andy Tillett notes. “He’d not only inherited his father’s name, but he had all his good looks, charm and big personality too. The…