Joseph & Kendra Duggar Slammed For Kids’ Zipper Playing

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A video of Joseph and Kendra Duggar’s children playing with a zipper and posted on the family Instagram page on Thursday has sent counting on fans into a frenzy.

The video captured big brother Addison laughing and playing with the zipper in baby Grant’s car seat.

“This just melts my heart ,” the caption read. “I just love seeing these two love on each other! The small moments are the best.”

As the parents gushed over their children, fans slammed the stars for their lack of concern in what they deemed a dangerous matter.

“Please be careful the zipper doesn’t catch her face,” one person wrote. Another commented, “So adorable! Just watch her cheeks don’t get zipped up!” Someone else replied, “Very cute, but he almost got her face in the zipper.”

And alongside the critics came supportive fans who defended the Duggars.