Wendy Williams ‘Deeply’ Apologizes To Gay Community After ‘Out Of Touch’ Comments

Wendy Williams is back-tracking on her word.

As you may recall, the 55-year-old made a controversial statement on Thursday’s episode of her daytime show when she told gay men to “stop wearing our skirts and our heels.” She added:

“Looky here now, gay men, you’ll never be the women that we are. No matter how gay.”

It was no surprise when she was subsequently dragged through the mud online for her out of nowhere commentary, but she’s now doing her best to make amends.

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In a new video posted Friday to her various social media accounts, Williams began:

“I’ll start by saying I apologize. I did not mean to offend my LGBTQ+ community on yesterday’s show. I did not realize until I got home and I watched the second running of our show here in New York, and I always watch when I can to critique my delivery…

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