Wendy Williams Says Gay Men Should Stop Wearing Women’s Clothes

Twitter fans are furious with Wendy Williams after the show host blasted gay men for wearing women’s clothes.

On Thursday’s Hot Topics segment of The Wendy Williams Show, the star made some very controversial comments blasting men — all men — for thinking they understand what women go through.

The drama started when Williams asked who in her audience would be going out for Galentine’s Day — a made-up holiday in which women celebrate Valentine’s Day with other women and no men.

Williams looked delighted when women in her audience cheered, but as soon as she saw a man clap, she lost it.

“If you’re a man and you’re clapping, you’re not even a part of this. You don’t understand the rules of the day. It’s women going out and getting saucy and then going home. You’re not a part,” she said. “I don’t care if you’re gay. You…

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